Staring At Your Lense

Here’s another poem for you all.

I see myself reflected in you
i cringe away
And yet you still pursue
Ruining my seemingly perfect day

Every line on my face
You seem to go over In black marker pen
I run, you give chase
Adding an extra pound or ten

Stuck in this never ending war
Trying to hide my scars
My complexion to you is poor
My cheeks are marred

My hair flying in my face
Does it look styled to you?
Coz i know you aint afraid to say the truth
Compliments from you are few

I tell myself you’re honest
Believe what you show me
I aint ever gonna be a goddess
But now i know i aint ever been ugly

So tell me camera
What lies do you wish to show me today?
On your metallic body
You’ve hurt me too much
Telling me i look shoddy
Screaming, shouting, i cuss
Now i know your game
I’m not a model, i’m not like them
But i dont want to be the same
So show me camera, something beautiful today,
Something that isnt fake,
Show me my understanding face.

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