Dance Is A Passion, Or So They Say.


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My best friend, if asked to describe herself, will say that she is a dancer. Not that she is blonde or loud or funny. No, she is first and foremost a dancer. She says that dance is a passion which takes over your body and you can’t help yourself, but when the music starts playing you start to dance. After hearing her say this a dozen times over I began to wonder whether it was true. And even after hearing countless others in her dance group say the same, I still wondered.
To be perfectly honest, I myself love to dance. Personally, when i’m at home I think of myself as a dance goddess. But when I am dancing in front of others, even if it is just my best friend, I suddenly gain two left feet and my limbs poke out at awkward places and my hands look like squashed spiders and god-knows what the hell is going on with my facial expression. In simpler terms, I make a right fool of myself.
But in secret, I adore dancing. It just makes you feel so darned good. I am often shimmying around my flat when I know no one is looking. But I could never ever get up in front of an audience and perform. So how on earth can my best friend?
I am often in control of the light and sound system when my best friend and her dance group are putting on a performance. And of course during that time I get the chance to watch them. And they are good and they clearly enjoy what they do. And i realized why they perform. If you love doing something so much and look good while you’re doing it, why shouldn’t you flaunt it?
I became obsessed with the shapes a dancer makes with their body when they dance and how beautiful the human body can become when filled with so much passion. And I was itching to test it out with my new camera. Dancing makes for good photography, I realized. And if I can’t dance, I can take pictures. And this is how I, a non-dancer, see the beauty in dance.


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5 responses to “Dance Is A Passion, Or So They Say.

  1. Emma Kelly

    I have just read what you have written, and I find it very moving. You can dance as good as the rest of them and as I witnessed the other day you can shine like them too in other ways. You were beaming with pleasure and pride when you were drumming and also singing. Be brave and get up there and dance too!! By the way the pictures you have taken are stunning.

    Your best friends Mum xx

  2. AletheaaEmmaa Kelly

    Eb, you can dance, you can sing and you can drum. This is coming from your best friend! You’re perfect and amazing in everyway and yes I do say when the music starts you just begin to dance. However, with you when the music starts you start to drum or sing and that’s what makes you amazing in everyway possible. It’s true the music starts and I feel like there is no-one else there, like they say “dance like nobody’s watching!” and I can honestly tell you it’s what I do! You CAN dance. Everyone CAN dance, it just matters on if you have a rhythm and that is something you certainly have! This bought a tear to my eye and I thank-you so much for being here when I need you most and like mum said the pictures you have taken are captivating and I can tell you for a fact now, this is one of the most amazing things you have ever done for me.
    Dance is a passion so embrace it! Love you lots Eb:-) keep writing beautiful and one day you WILL have to courage to get up and dance and not be afraid to show yourself off to the world, let the music take you and make your body express itself and show the world how beautiful you are and how beautiful you’re body is!

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