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Dance Is A Passion, Or So They Say.


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My best friend, if asked to describe herself, will say that she is a dancer. Not that she is blonde or loud or funny. No, she is first and foremost a dancer. She says that dance is a passion which takes over your body and you can’t help yourself, but when the music starts playing you start to dance. After hearing her say this a dozen times over I began to wonder whether it was true. And even after hearing countless others in her dance group say the same, I still wondered.
To be perfectly honest, I myself love to dance. Personally, when i’m at home I think of myself as a dance goddess. But when I am dancing in front of others, even if it is just my best friend, I suddenly gain two left feet and my limbs poke out at awkward places and my hands look like squashed spiders and god-knows what the hell is going on with my facial expression. In simpler terms, I make a right fool of myself.
But in secret, I adore dancing. It just makes you feel so darned good. I am often shimmying around my flat when I know no one is looking. But I could never ever get up in front of an audience and perform. So how on earth can my best friend?
I am often in control of the light and sound system when my best friend and her dance group are putting on a performance. And of course during that time I get the chance to watch them. And they are good and they clearly enjoy what they do. And i realized why they perform. If you love doing something so much and look good while you’re doing it, why shouldn’t you flaunt it?
I became obsessed with the shapes a dancer makes with their body when they dance and how beautiful the human body can become when filled with so much passion. And I was itching to test it out with my new camera. Dancing makes for good photography, I realized. And if I can’t dance, I can take pictures. And this is how I, a non-dancer, see the beauty in dance.


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