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Just Jog On…

I’m in that ‘fuck the world’ mood today. Sorry for my pessimistic attitude.

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It’s Starting To Feel A Lot Like Christmas


So its the 9th of December and finally I’m in the Christmassy mood. It does normally take me a while to get into it. Take for example the fact that last Saturday i had to wait outside of Morrisons for an hour, whilst my friend sang Christmas songs with her singing group, and i absolutely hated it. My exact words were, ‘Eurgh. It’s too early.’ And it was far too early.

But for some reason I really got into the mood, this Friday just gone. Maybe it was because with cheeky mischievousness i decided to annoy the hell out of one my friends by singing Christmas songs all day. I spent my entire german lesson trying to come up with new ones. This time she was the one who groaned that it was far too early.

Or maybe it was because that lunchtime i was on a sugar-induced hype and decided to give the whole dining hall a christmassy number. Rather loudly and rather badly. At least the dinner ladies seemed to enjoy it.

It might be because my school at the moment looks like Santa’s grotto, with the several Christmas trees dotted about and the teachers walking down the halls whistling Jingle Bells.

Whatever my reasons were, I have finally got in the mood for Christmas. And i can’t wait. XD

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