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I Ask You, Why?

The most awful realization, is knowing that after reading the novel you have been working on for the past 2 years, you want to completely rewrite it from a whole new perspective.

Commence, heart falling out of your stomach…


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The Grinch; Grumpy Green Gremlin or Simply Realistic?

Its strange how much your perspective on things change as you grow older. It’s that time of year when The Grinch is repeated on telly at least twice a day. The other week i was sat watching it with my little brother and something he said caught my attention.

The Grinch is evil because he doesn’t like christmas!

As a kid watching this film i thought the same. But watching it now i realize that i completely agreed with the reasons behind the Grinch’s hatred for Christmas. In fact, he didnt hate christmas at all, he just hated the superficiality of it. He thought that Christmas should be all about the cheer, the spirit, the family time and not the shiny wrapped gifts and garish decorations and cheesy songs.

I had never understood this before. It’s amusing how so many ‘children’s storys’ have a hidden adult message.



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