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A New Blog

Hey guys, I have a newblog specifically for my poems. Here’s the link, please go check it out! http://paperemotions.wordpress.com/


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A Love Of Writing

I, er, wrote a poem earlier this week. I thought it was ok. At least my friends liked it.

That which is black
Slides across what is white
From left to right and back
Upon the eyes a delight

From black comes the substance
Yet from white comes nothing
From both together there is an abundance
Of Incomprehensible…. Something

Seemingly something yet so often nothing
depends on the line of thought
could it be suffering
or just a painful story wrought

Emanating stories from black
Generating pictures from white
when broken it cannot be whacked
in order to be put right

in fact a lighter touch, perhaps a gentle caress
a careful clutch or simple thought
black or white under duress
can teach more than whats already taught

Containing spirit in a place deemed safer
an expression of feelings or rights
soul personified in pen and paper
that which it is to write.

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